Throwing Caution to the Wind When Traveling to Cuba

I like to think I take trip planning very seriously.  I have my pre-trip blog reading, my Pinterest boards, my Google Maps, and more.  I know from traveling with my girl, Rachelle, to Thailand and going with my family to Scandinavia, that my planning can get a little OCD at times.  When I was planning my trip to Cuba, it all seemed to always be falling apart. The initial plan was to go with my mom and daughter in either February or May.  That fell through, but my cousin Kathy had some free vacation days at the end of January, so we decided to go.  Timing wasn’t the best as I was just coming back from a pretty difficult trip to Chicago, I had friends moving away that I’d like to spend time with, and I had a daughter in school that I would have to have coverage for the […]

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