Interior design has changed, and so has the engine in which this service has been available.  Long gone are the days of expensive house calls, sample presentation boards glued together, and sourcing items only available to the trade.  My years in this business has taught me a couple things:

  1. Design should be for everyone. It’s something that we don’t even realize contributes to our mood daily, and yet for a long time, only a small percentage were able to get help in this matter. Color and art are just as big of a factor as daily habits and spacial arrangements and most people overlook how that becomes so intertwined with your attitude or personality.
  2. The internet is amazing. You can find a lot of things for sale on the internet, so selling someone on furnishings and other elements becomes really difficult when they can find the same thing online for less. I am not trying to have individual accounts with the world of furnishings and fixtures.  I’m just not.
  3. Sometimes, you just don’t feel like going through the whole procedure of meetings and presentations. Who has time for that anymore?  Clients want to get to the point, bring up concerns, and have something revised handed to them for reviewing on their own time.  I get it, it’s nothing personal, you don’t see a need for follow up presentations.   You may just be more comfortable giving an email and getting an email than having to view a board and respond on the spot with critique, and you aren’t alone.

I currently work with Laurel & Wolf, a web-based platform for design services.  This really does have the answer for all these things.

With Laurel & Wolf, the process for getting design help is simplified. Customers pay a flat fee, and in return receive digital style boards that create personalized looks for your home or office. These boards are based on information you provide the service in advance, which includes taking a style quiz, sharing photos of your space, and marking items you want to keep in your final design.

After looking through the 2D digital style boards from designers, customers then work with that me directly to make modifications. Using online tools, you can comment and annotate the design, providing feedback about what you liked and didn’t, or asking about different color options, and so on.

The service has check in points to keep the project moving, but you can check in at 5 pm or 5 am – or anything in between. Once you have a good idea of the final design,- a plan, instructions, and shopping list are provided in a digital online package so you can put it all together on your own.  You can get everything handed to you to finish the project on your own and at your own time, or you can use L&W’s FREE online “Buy For Me” option, where our team in southern California will order and track the items for you so you don’t have to.  This is a really key service and it will make your life easier to opt into it, seriously.


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