Hello world, I am Jamielyn, my friends and family call me Jamie.  I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, and moved to Oakland, California 8 years ago.  I have been documenting my life as best I could since I learned how to write and take photos.  Designer by profession, I do live with a slightly masochistic goal of creating new things constantly.  Four years ago, I had my daughter and began documenting her life as well.  With new adventures from travel to mommy life, I enjoy creating new work from all of it.  Not just from producing photos of places to live long in my memory, but also telling a story of the wonder and lessons that come from all of life’s experiences.

Evie Colette, my 4-year old daughter, is my everything… seriously, she inspires me and humbles me all at the same time.  I raise her with the help of a loving and supportive husband, who also happens to be a design nerd like me, so our arguments usually consist of the color of things.  We also have our dog, a rescued mutt named Toaster, who we would refer to as our “big bobo” sometimes because of his uncanny ability to be completely clueless in the world. I love watching movies, eating food, traveling, history, Wikipedia, good wine, getting outdoors, and of course family… and I hate carrots.  Professionally, I have been working in the interior design field for over 15 years, which has been truly rewarding as you get to see how beautiful things, color, and spacial relationships have such a effect on individuals.  I work with Laurel & Wolf creating E-design packages, which gives me flexibility in my life to focus on my daughter, my family, and other things that I love.

I feel so grateful to have some really big adventures in my life that I can share with others, but I am also looking forward to bigger adventures to come. From my professional life, to traveling, to being a mom or a wife, sometimes life moves really fast and if you don’t have a chance to reflect and learn in those experiences, you may miss an opportunity to grow.  Especially in being a mother, I can’t help but feel I need to be the best form of myself in order to be a better leader for her.  See, I told you she is totally inspiring.  As I start my journey into the blog world, I hope it gives me the opportunity to share really great experiences, but also in the reveal of it all, can help me explore who I really am and what lay ahead in my own journey.

Please, follow me on Instagram, tweet with me on Twitter, and find me on Pinterest, or just read this blog and really be part of my experience.