Who Will You Be #WhoWillYoobi

As I am just trying to resettle myself after a trip to Japan, I wanted to post something else that just came out and was also dear to me.

About a month ago, I was approached by a friend to put Evie into a short commercial for the company Yoobi.  If you aren’t familiar, they make bright and fun school supplies, and sold at Target.  Their position is a one for one model; by purchasing their products, they give supplies to schools in need all around America.

Growing up, I remember having one set of markers that are to last me the whole year or even trying to use the last bit of crayon with just my fingertips to be able to create what I wanted.  As a mother, I have been fortunate to be able to provide my daughter with things she needs to create, and see that her imagination is constantly coming up with new ideas.  She’s filled up sketchbooks and practiced her letters, and experimented with building and tinkering with supplies that she has.  Now imagine the kids who are all born with this natural imagination, and not being able to express it.  I’m happy to support a company who helps foster creation, and I’m glad we could be a part of it.

In the words of the director, Pasqual Gutierrez:

“It is so incredibly important to recognize the power of education, specifically in communities where certain resources are less accessible. When wielded properly, it is a powerful tool and gateway to a brighter and better future.

This project is close to heart because I felt it was an opportunity to empower young people, specifically of color, who are often underrepresented in the media. We ALL have the right to dream, we ALL have the right to the best future we can achieve. This spot is dedicated to the beautiful community of San Francisco, Franklin Elementary School in Oakland CA, Mrs. Bonita’s classroom, and most of all, my family. All of my love to my sister and nieces Reina (the chalk girl!) & Elena Holley, and my nephews Johnathan and Travis. Thank you to the community of Visitacion Valley & Sunnydale. We are the change we seek!

A Director’s cut for the campaign, #WhoWillYoobi. For every Yoobi school supply you buy, Yoobi donates to a classroom in need. Since launching, they have donated over 3 million school supplies to children nationwide.

EP: Whitelist
DP: Isiah Donte Lee
AC: Anthony Goodman
Produced by: Kevin Chang
Production Manager: Matt Faigh
Edited by Will Niava
Audio: Richard Beare
Set PA: Edgar Vega
Voice over by Ryan O’Toole
Sound Design & Mix: Jackie! Zhou
Featuring Claude DeBussy’s “Claire De Lune”

Special thanks to: Rakai, Raven, Alana, Vanessa, Maddox, Keira, Ryan & Danielle O’Toole, Evie, Airis, Zoe and Raydelle.”


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