Another Year Older And Hopefully A Little Wiser

Last month I turned 37 years old, and I think I needed some time to really figure out what that meant for me.  This year has been tumultuous (at best) and it’s been hard to find moments to process most of it.  It has recently occurred to me that, like others, we have learned that sometimes you just can’t let yourself process in order to not be overwhelmed with how much it all starts to spiral out of control.  After some time, I think I have 37 manifesto of sorts. This year’s birthday hike on Mission Peak.  If you haven’t spent a birthday morning on top of a mountain, I highly recommend it.  It’s a very literal-meets-figurative experience to start a new year of life.    This year has brought lots of heartache, change, death and an overall evaluation of values.  In order to understand how I view this year of […]

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