The Small Family Business Hustle

There’s moments where I wake up to the reality, “Wait, when did we become a family of traveling salesmen?”  I don’t know that we planned for it or knew what was involved when we signed on, but it’s become clear this year and last year was a significant change in our lifestyle because of our side business.

If you are just tuning in, my husband Peabe has found a creative outlet in a side business of making pins and patches.  You can purchase from the website


SneakerCon May 2016


It has since grown to have a loyal following and super cool fans.  We ship and stock from our living room where we drink wine and watch Netflix as we fill orders.  I have to say that it’s been an amazing experience to share with him and my daughter and so fulfilling to see something grow from just a fun idea to what it is today.


Oakland Pop-Up March 2017

Setting Up for LA’s Pin and Patch Show June 2017


That being said, it comes at a price.  As the popularity grew, we have taken on many side shows, pin pop-ups, conventions, etc.  The need to be in at the right place to showcase our wares is something we talk about almost daily now.  Most times our small family of 3 take to the roads to make another event and set up shop, but sometimes my husband does it alone to give us a break.  I don’t mind going and doing these shows, but it takes a toll, and can leave anyone exhausted.


Long Beach’s Agenda 3-day Convention and Festival July 2017 with our nephew, Chris


I know we aren’t alone in this. It’s become harder to live without a side hustle.  We have turned into a whole country that needs a second gig just to keep up.  Living in the bay area, it’s easy to see why people drive Lyft on the side or deliver food on Postmates, that extra income is welcome in a state of rising prices.  Unlike side gigs, however, building your own enterprise requires a lot more time, attention, and just more grinding.


LA Pop-up September 2017

Comicon San Diego July 2017


Doing these events are not as glamorous as it may seem.  We could be working 8 hours on a Sunday just to hop in the car and drive another 6 hours back home so we can make it for work and school the next day.  It’s staying up late to fill orders and create something new.  I do admire Peabe for being able to have so many wheels turning at once, but I also know that to have so many wheels means not everything gets the full attention.



San Francisco’s Pin and Patch Show August 2017

Oakland’s Cape and Cowl Pop-Up August 2017


I know that having a small business can create problems in keeping on top of chores, being around for your child, even being present in a marriage.  It’s not easy to juggle so many things at once.


LA’s Shop Called Quest Pop-up September 2017


It’s a tough battle, but tough people make it through.  Although it can be hard to balance all of this family’s goals, we really have to try to stay committed in making that effort.  Even when 8 hours selling pins and patches may not be what you wanted to be doing on a Saturday, the fact that we are doing it together as a family makes it a little easier.  Even when traveling out of town with our big bag of wares to be sold can be exhausting, we also get to visit with some great friends, family, and even other vendors while we are away.  Even with Evie starting kindergarten, and not being as flexible with travel schedules as we used to, we still try to make it work and she still finds fun in doing it.  Sometimes she tells us she’s going to set up a table just to sell her toys at a show, and I think it’s cute how she always makes the best from situations. We’ve even been able to design together as a family, Evie has created some really fun ones, and who doesn’t love seeing an idea turn into something tangible.


EWR’s collaborated pins:

Popup Camper Van pins can be purchased here

Wonder Whatever pin and patch also available.



I’m excited to see where this leads, and to watch our other baby grow.

Yes, I guess I have become a traveling salesman, and so long as my family is with it… so am I.




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