A Look Back at the Women’s March in Oakland

After the election results in November, I remember reading the invite to this Woman’s March and thinking to myself that this NEEDED to happen, and asking myself why isn’t this happening sooner.  I think my immediate need for action was basically me not understanding the scale of what this event was going to be.  As the date grew closer and the anticipation of the inauguration was building as well.  I am past the point of “how did this happen?” or even mourning the times as it were.  I am past feeling the sadness over the whole situation and I have just letting the anger consume me.  I am okay with that, the anger needs to stay and keep me motivated.

What made me so proud that day of the march was to see that I wan’t alone, that there was a fury that we all must feel and be activated by.  I am comforted by my friends that I ran into on the march and I am inspired by the disagreements I was around for as we walked.  With so many causes and reasons to be outraged, not everyone was going to be in agreement to everything.  Even with that, we came together for something millions people strong and across multiple countries to make sure the collective voice is heard, we will not be complacent, we will not stand aside, and we will make efforts for a better world.

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