The #ChicagoPeacePin Project

Together with my husband (Bryan “Peabe” Odiamar) and our friend (Jon Stuyvesant), we had shared some anger recently when we read an article in the Tribune about how 25 people were shot in a 14 hour period in Chicago.  We were all born and raised there, in Chicago, and still violent even many years back.  We were outraged.  As the number kept growing this year, we considered the social climate of the city as we continued in our own daily lives outside the city.  We wanted to do something, be active somehow, but also felt so removed from the issues being out of state.  

Jon Stuyvesant currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.  He has worked in television for a variety of major networks including: NBC, ABC, OWN, TLC, A&E & MTV.   As a documentary filmmaker Jon has worked on many award winning films and most recently completed Raising Bertie, a feature length documentary.  The film offers up an intimate portrait of three African American boys coming of age in rural Bertie County, North Carolina.

Bryan Odiamar, aka Peabe, is my husband, Evie’s father, and currently works as an associate art director for Pandora Radio. Outside of Pandora, he works as an illustrator and designer for a wide range of clients from clothing to food. Prior to moving to Oakland he was involved in the Chicago lowbrow art scene and worked with a few streetwear brands.

I am an interior designer who takes photos and writes about experiences with travel, nature, and my daughter on this blog site.  Who are we in this issue and what can we offer with our skills?

As you may know from previous posts regarding Black Lives Matter or the recent election, I feel like standing aside and turning a blind eye to issues always just isn’t the answer.

Especially in the face of current politics, I believe it’s important to advocate and inform.  Chicago is still our home and a piece of all our hearts remain, so we cannot stand aside to watch what is happening there from the sidelines.  I do see it as a larger issue, what’s happening in Chicago is something the whole nation needs to be aware of.  We need to do what we can to be vigilant in this fight to end the violence.  We need to stand together and teach our children that they are loved and supported, so they too can stand to support each other as well.

The #ChicagoPeacePin project is a collaboration meant to bring awareness to the violence affecting communities in the Chicagoland area.  Together, we created a small designer lapel pin, which we will sell and in turn donate all the profits to anti-violence organizations in the city.

Only when we get in the affected area and share a story, in our own ways, can we start to create some awareness and empathy.  Jon has created these short films in companion with the project,  not just to promote the pin, but also attempt to humanize the violence by putting a face to both the victims and the neighborhoods where this violence occurs.

#ChicagoPeacePin Project from Stuyvesant on Vimeo.

We hope that this pin will be a symbol of change and will encourage people to discuss ways we put an end to the violence taking over Chicago neighborhoods.  We hope that others in the Chicagoland area as well as around the country can see this issue as something that is a systemic problem, and that we all need to come together for solutions on it.  It’s not an area that is forgotten, and we can’t keep distancing ourselves from issues that are not in out backyard.

You can purchase the pin from on the link listed below, or in person in select hometown stores in Chicago (Juggernaut and Leaders) .  All the profits from the sale of the #ChicagoPeacePin will go to organizations focused on helping communities affected by the gun violence.

To purchase a pin and/or find out more information about the project please visit: or contact

Thank you.

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