Who Doesn’t Love a Good Family Out-of-State Wedding?

What’s not to love about out-of-state family weddings.  Especially if you have a large family as I do.  Of course, I miss them and I jump at most opportunities to see all of them, but weddings are on a different level for us.

My family on my dad’s side has pretty large clusters of relatives all over.  Chicago, Toronto, and southern California are some of the larger clans and I have early memories of traveling to these cities for different weddings throughout my life.

My cousin, Sheena (on my dad’s side), moved to Seattle a couple years ago and I was so excited because it just happens to be where my mom’s family lives, and she doesn’t have much family stateside.  Evie’s first time to this beautiful city was when she was about 2.5  years old, and she was excited to go back.

It seems like forever since I’ve had some quality time with my cousins whom I’ve grown up so closely with.  Now that Evie is here, we constantly worry about her not having those same connections so we love when she finally gets some time to know her cousins and be close with them.

Seattle was the perfect storm of fun with a beautiful wedding, reconnecting with family, summer break fun, and just partying with some of your favorite people.  I know I don’t really have a lot to say, so let me continue onto the photos….


Morning flight out and we are waiting for the inbound flight from Chicago to meet with my baby sister, Tessie.  My little jetsetter gets a small post-flight melted hot chocolate from the Seattle-founded Dilettante stand, as we got our early caffeine fix.


Arriving at the Mariott Bellevue where we were going to continue to see a steady stream of incoming family.


After a quick walk to Bellevue Square, we met with my mom and family on my mom’s side for a late lunch.


One of my favorite places to eat in Seattle, Din Tai Fung, was the first thought for our late lunch.  We were totally craving the soup dumplings there and went a little overboard in ordering, but it was still good.  Our aunts apparently had the same idea as we ran into them there too.


My mom immediately spoiling her granddaughter with attention, as only grandmothers do.  Apparently, she was “helping” Evie eat that noodle with her one-chopstick skills :/


A quick nap for Evie in the hotel lobby as we caught up with some of our favorite older cousins.


Meeting up with my mom’s side for some Chinese buffet action… Filipinos sure do love a good Asian buffet.


Cousins ready to leave Bellevue for some exploring time in Seattle.


We did bring a carseat with us, but just didn’t feel like lugging that around with us all day. Luckily, there was a direct bus that took us straight into the heart of Seattle and we jumped on that option.  Evie, however, was not into the waiting at the bus stop thing.


The queen bee herself, our cousin Joy, totally NOT posting everything on Facebook :/



Walking around for a bit then getting some yummy lunch at Farvahar Persian Cafe in the Post Alley area of Pike Place Market.

DSC06673 DSC06675

Post lunch moscow mules and variations of it at Rachel’s Ginger Beer, where we met up with my brother and his girlfriend.

DSC06688 DSC06689 DSC06690

Continued onto wandering the market for fish catching, flower browsing, and other mouth-watering goodies then it was time to head back for rehearsal.


More family time with my brother, his girlfriend, my dad, and my sister, as we waited for the rehearsal to start.


Showing Evie the beautiful golf course at the Newcastle Country Club.


My husband and my brother-in-law in their matching rehearsal outfits as only they can pull off.

DSC06746 DSC06752

The kiddos doing pretty well holding it together for the rehearsal, but Evie’s 4-year old attention span slowly came undone.


Rehearsal dinner at Cast Iron Studios, where Tessie was service the little ones ;P


I don’t really have good photos of all the action that came after dinner for Evie and her cousins, I’m so glad she got some play time in where she could.


The flower girl showing off her glass slippers.

DSC06820 DSC06805 DSC06800

My beautiful cousin, Sheena, with her hubby and their mini court.


My parents.


My brother ruining a photo with my cousin Mark, while my daughter is hiding in the corner.  Typical family moments…

DSC06834 DSC06835 DSC06839 DSC06860 DSC06864


Tessie once again drinking with the kiddos.


I’ve ruined a lot of family photos in my time, I shouldn’t be surprised when this happens.


Post-wedding brunch at Palomino, where Evie and my godson AJ continued to be best buddies.


One last photo of the few that remain. It really is only a fraction of how large this family really is.


Saying goodbyes are always the hardest part 🙁


After brunch, we moved out of the hotel and into my cousin’s house, then it was a road trip to Ballard for the Seafood Festival.



We ate everything from deep fried pb and jellies to Hawaiian poke bowls, and got to share it with more family and friends.  We were lucky to catch more time with my cousin Lib and her husband Michael, and an old friend Keisha who relocated there a couple years ago.


And of course, more cousin time for Evie.


This is her “hiding” for hide and seek :/


More seafood after walking the Seafood Festival? Yes. At the Ballard Annex Oyster House, we got to enjoy their outdoor area with sounds of the bands playing the festival close by and a beer in hand.  AJ was killing it at the bags game….


… while Evie was not. hahaha.

More to come on the adventures in the state of Washington.


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