Still Playing Catch Up With Summer Break Part 2

So I’m currently out enjoying a little bit of a vacation in Seattle, and I feel can’t completely feel like I’m on vacation with other work just backing up.  I thought it would be a great opportunity to share another photo post of some fun things that happened last month.

With Evie on summer break, we have been spending a lot of time hanging out.  Basically, I’ve been trying to find things to keep a little 4-year old active and burn off some of that unlimited energy that she has.

It all has been both fun and exhausting, but we are also lucky enough to have some friends close by to help in the task.  Evie has made some really close friends in her 4 years of life both in kids and adults, and they have been so great in sharing some of the exhaustion with me.

As I just spent the last couple days with some Chicago family out in Seattle, I can’t help but miss my cousins, aunties, and uncles whom I have grown up with and shared so many memories with.  As a child, I had my cousins to run around with so it does make me a little sad that Evie doesn’t.

We moved to California with no close family around, so I do feel fortunate to have so many close friends and neighbors that basically have become a secondary family to us.  Between holidays and random weekdays, they are always around for a quick drink or a fun-filled day of kid-approved activities.

Looking at some of these photos, I am reminded of things I used to do with family as a kid and I’m happy that Evie gets to experience them.


What’s summer break without some beach time with this cutie?  Thanks to another mother’s recommendation, we were able to find this hidden gem of a beach in Castro Valley… Cull Canyon.


3 of her friends joined us (1 not in the photo as she was pretending to be a mermaid on the sand) and Evie loved sharing and playing with all of them.


Not only did Cull Canyon have a great beach area and water to swim in, they had life preservers to loan out for the little ones, lifeguards on duty, and even called mandatory swim breaks for the kiddos to get some snacks and a little extra sunblock.  We also liked it because it was actually a lot warmer (being a bit more inland) than most all of the other beaches on the coast or by the bay, so it really felt like a hot day at the beach.  The water is also pretty shallow up to a point so the girls were able to go out pretty far on their own giving them a feeling of independence from us parents.


Smiles and snacks with one of her besties.


Warm sand on a hot day just calls for playing mermaid on the water’s edge.


The girls enjoying themselves as the parents are close by.


The day ended up being so sunny and warm, we all ended up with a bit of a sun-stroke feeling by the time we left.  Like the featured image, this photo just shows a little girl getting a little too tired to keep playing in sand.  She loves a good beach day.


Snacks on the sidelines as one of the water breaks for adult swim  was called.  


Jessie’s brother happened to come into town to visit and we decided to do a stroll around Lake Chabot one day as it was another beautiful day.


Today was one of those that Evie was just in no mood to walk, so taking some breaks to let her climb the trees actually kept her motivation.


A proud little girl made it pretty high, and I tried my best to remain calm and not hover.  


Another tree that she decided to get all the way up as I tried to hide my nervousness.  I really try hard not to be the “helicopter parent” who always hovering around to keep her safe, so I’m glad she has a little bit of risk management skills to be able to ask for help when she needs it.  She definitely needed assistance here, going up is always a bit easier than going back down.


A beautiful Lake Chabot with all their piers around the paths to go explore the water.  We took a small break here for some snacks and got to see a family of geese who were not afraid of people at all.


Having had a great walk through the lake, we decided to top it off with some ice cream.  Really, her little legs were still not in the mood for long hikes, and as it got a little torturous as we got closer to the end I was bribing her with the sweet rewards of desert to keep her going.


Sweet strawberry rewards of a walk at Lake Chabot.


This girl makes the funniest faces sometimes.


Walking around San Francisco, we came across this cute little park that was more just an open area for people to chill and maybe have a picnic.  There was no play structure or anything but this little girl decided to make her own imaginative game from the unused water fountain.  Apparently, the rules of the game were to not step on the hot lava and get eaten by the man-eating crocodiles lurking in the rocks.


She got really excited when she saw these scratches on the rocks and continued to explain to me that they were the claw marks made by the imaginary croc.


She also went on to tell me that aside from eating people, crocodiles also like leaves from a willow tree.  Evie was so clear in her descriptions, and I love when she starts on elaborate stories like this.

Seriously though, how cute is that?


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