Happy Belated Birthday and Baby Shower to My Sister Jan

So I am a week late in wishing my younger sister Jan a happy birthday.  I was having some dibilitating computer issues and I am so happy to be getting back to getting back to things.. ever feel like you are just always playing catch up?

My sister Jan is two years younger than me and is middle child of my set of siblings.  We don’t always see eye to eye on things, and that’s more because we have all been blessed with our parent’s stubborn-ness.  In my opinion, she is a lot smarter and more independent than she will let on.  She is a hard worker and is pretty responsible, but also maybe a little too responsible as she feels the need to always take care of everyone.  A trait I know well as I see it in my mom a lot.

She’s going to make an amazing mother to my new niece who is coming into the world soon.  Evie is so excited to finally have a girl first cousin to do things with and I’m excited to see that bond.  Sometimes, it’s hard to be so separated from family.  My husband and I both grew up with large families who we saw for everything.  I couldn’t really help the for the baby shower, which I would have loved.  Travel expenses  (both monetary expenses and time expenses) add up.  All my family is there, and it gets really hard to continually fly there for events.  What occasion are you going to say yes to and what can you say no to.  It requires some adult decision-making skills, and me as a libra needs to constantly be negotiating those deals in my head.  I ended up deciding that I wasn’t going to travel there until the baby was born.  I am totally fine with my decision, but it does make me feel a little guilty for missing out on these things.  I can only hope that they understand.

Anyways, this weekend for her birthday and baby shower was also Mother’s Day weekend.  Although I would have liked to celebrate mother’s day with the other mothers (my mom, my older sister, and my mother-in-law), I also wanted to celebrate with my own family.


I totally photoshoped Evie and I into the baby shower photo with my sisters and my mom.  It was taken the same day, but miles apart.

Featured image: my sister, Jan, as a bridesmaid in my wedding

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