Finding Some Goodies at the Alameda Antique Fair

As I’m mostly packed and ready to embark on my trip to Thailand tomorrow, I wanted to write a post now about things I did today and schedule it for the day that I return.  I may have jet lag and be too tired to write, or I may just be wanting to spend the day hugging and kissing my Evie, but better to be prepared, right?

Today was my attempt to have a “lazy Sunday” and relax with the family before the trip.  After a night of working a personal history project, I called it a night and went to bed around 4 am. My daughter was already there with my husband and I got to snuggle with her to fall asleep.  Early in the morning, she woke me up to talk about something, I engaged for a bit, but fell back asleep and woke up a couple hours later to the sound of morning cartoons.  What a great way to start the day! I got some extra sleep and didn’t have to get Evie to school or make breakfast.  From the sound of the cartoons, I knew my husband took care of breakfast and morning activities in order to give me that extra couple hours of sleep.  Thank you, Peabe.  Totally appreciated.

The morning was slow moving, we stayed in pajamas and watched cartoons for a while.  When we finally decided to move, we wanted to go to the Alameda Antiques Fair which is one of our favorite things in the area.  You can really spend the day there strolling and scoping out furniture, art, antiques, clothing, and eating things like deep fried Oreos or artisan organic popsicles.  It always happens on the first Saturday of the month, so we are really excited when it falls on a free weekend for us.  Today we ended up on a successful trip, we found things that we probably would not find elsewhere or at that price.  It was so good, I thought I would share our finds.

  1. A vintage Chicago Bears satin Starter jacket.  Yeah, Chicagoans, be jealous.  Peabe was trying to find one of these in his size for years, so it immediately caught his eye  from far away.  Once closer, we realized, it was my size.  Happy dance for me.  It was marked at $65, but the salesperson made a comment that he doesn’t see many “Cubs fans” so we knew he had no idea what he had.  We were able to deal it down to $50.  It was still a deal at $65, but I am way more excited that we are able to get it lowered.  I’m not a haggler, I’ve never been good at making sales deals, so this was definitely a special purchase.
  2. Vintage eye glass frames.  The same vendor sets up every month and has racks upon racks of very cool vintage frames as well as new and unique frames.  He is able to also customize them with your own prescription in the lens, but we opted out of it to try and get them done through our insurance.  We’ve been ordering glasses online for years through sites like Eye Buy Direct or Zenni Optical because of pricing, but it does get difficult when you have a large head.  Most frames don’t fit well on me but definately don’t fit my larger-headed husband, so trying stuff on in person helps.
  3. A collectible “Junior Ranger” California State Parks pin.  As my husband Peabe makes a lot of cool pins, Evie has been a big collector with one of the raddest jackets for a 4 year old.  She has a lot of his pins, but also buttons and patches of other things that are relevant to her interests.  This is just to add to her super cool jacket.
  4. Preservative-free camp meals by Great Grub Campfood.  We found her on the sidelines and caught her just at closing time as she’s trying to unload samples.  We totally lucked out, because the samples were delicious.  Decided to try out the cheese tortellini soup and the chipotle tamale pie, which we hope are just as good as the other samples we had, and will get back to you with a review.   So excited that there’s a niche for natural foods without preservatives but with easy prep and geared toward camp situations.  Now I want to go camping just to try them.  For those who are interested, they can do pickup orders for impromptu camp weekends, and they will be carried at Yosemite National Park soon.

Along with these amazing finds, we also saw something new with Evie.  Yesterday, she asked for a little notebook at the store, and we got it for her, it was small and inexpensive and thought she just wanted to color in it.  She brought it with her all day with some pens and pencils and wanted to keep stopping every couple minutes to write in it.  I’ve never really seen her so interested in something like that so it was something to note.  Peabe and I both carry notebooks that we write notes in daily, so maybe it’s just mimicking us.  Either way, it was super cute.  At one point, I looked over at her and she wrote the  words “Mommy” “Daddy” and “Evie” with drawings of us underneath.  My heart was going to explode, seriously.

We capped off the night with Hawaiian food and some of our favorite ice cream. L&L Hawaiian Barbecue and Cookiebar Creamery are two of out favorite spots in Alameda.  It was a great day with the two of them and I’m so glad that we had a lazy day to enjoy it.  I’ll miss them so much in Thailand and already feel bad for going.  I know they will be taking care of each other, but I also worry about them taking care of each other.  I love them both so much.



Evie cracking herself up by drawing a “mushroom family” in her first journal.


Taking another break from wandering to sit and write in her book.


Daaaaaa Bears.


Circular glasses are hard to find for a size 8 head.


That California State Parks pin.  I was really attracted to the sheriff-style shape.



Evie trying to snag more samples at Great Grub Campfood .


Vietnamese coffee and ube (purple yam) flavors for us.  I was never a fan for be ice cream, but this place has really good ube.


My family. I love them and I can’t wait to hug them both after Thailand.


Featured Image:  Evie is automatically attracted to RVs and scooters/motorcycles.  She’s still holding her notebook but totally got side tracked from writing.  She is a kid after my own heart.

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