Being an Entrepreneurial Designer, Creative Director, and Blogger, While Also Having a Family: Interview of My Husband, Peabe

Until now, I haven’t said too much about my other half.  Instead of writing about him, I thought I would take the opportunity to interview him.  This designer and illustrator has been blogging for years on the side of regular creative positions within companies, as well as his own project enterprises.  On top of all of that, he makes time to be an amazing partner in life and an equally amazing father.
1. Why don’t we start with telling the readers what you are currently doing in the world as a designer and illustrator.
That was a nice intro =). On top of my 9-5 as an Associate Art Director at Pandora, I’ve been really enjoying doing a lot of illustration work as of late. I’ve translated a lot of my current work into pins, prints, patches, & stickers.  The illustration has been a nice and fun escape from the world of advertising. 
2. I know you started drawing at a young age, and was inspired by things like cartoons and comic books.  What are some things that inspire you now, and how do you use that inspiration in your work?
Nerdily enough, comics and cartoons are still a huge inspiration. Especially since our daughter is super into both of those at the moment, it’s been really fun to share that with her. Other than that, family travels has been a huge influence. Being able to go somewhere nice and quiet, away from the city, has led to clarity of mind and very cool (possibly random) ideas. Experiencing new places and things with you guys is always fun and that feeling translates to some pieces.
3.  In the years that we’ve been together you have actually changed creative outlets a couple times.  At one point you had gallery shows with paintings you had made and another point you were designing your own menswear clothing line, do you feel like this on-going evolution is driven by new creativity in yourself?  Or is it just something that is always going to evovle and you are just changing directions with it.
I think it’s evolution and the excitement of a new medium. All of those things you mentioned are/were nice and fun challenges but once the joy of it disappears, I tend to move on. I feel like a consumer/fan/client/etc could see the “fun” leave the work, if its no longer there. I’ll probably end up back at painting and clothing, once I find the fun in it again.
4.  You are usually up until 3-4 in the morning working on side projects, then get a little bit of sleep just to wake up, walk the dog, drop off our daughter at school, then get to your day job at Pandora. Those are some rough hours, and probably not the most sustainable.  Do you think it works for you and why?  
Well, I generally have you awake doing work at those hours too so I enjoy that time. We’ve had a bunch of disussions about creativity not kicking in until around 10-11pm and how it sucks to go to bed when you’re on a roll. It’s a little draining but I’m definitely doing the after work stuff for the long game. =)
5.  We’ve spent a lot of time on the internet in our relationship.  When we started dating, people could read about where we went and what we ate.  Our first vacations, company parties, family events, and other adventures were posted and shared with others.  Was it ever strange to write about or get commented on something as personal or intimate like a relationship?  
It was a little weird at first but I was more looking at it as a way to keep a record of where we’d gone and the cool things we’d done. So the intial weirdness was gone. Also my memory isn’t great, so it was nice to look back randomly and get reminded of all the fun things we’d done. It was also cool to be able to present something, like an art show, to someone who was not able to go. That eventually lead to folks giving me a heads up on cool things to check out while in different places.  
6.  We’ve had some big moments like our wedding and the birth and life of our daughter shared with the world in detail.  Sometimes, as a new blogger, I feel like maybe those moments are just so important to me and the rest of the world really doesn’t care for yet more wedding and baby photos.  I can get a little shy about sharing somethings that are dear to me.  Are you ever conflicted in that way about putting in out there?
Sometimes, I am but I’m also super proud of those moments. Those type of moments that make me so happy I wanna shout it out. I also go into blogging with the frame of mind that only friends are reading my posts. So my writing tends to sound like I’m talking to a homie. In that it’s terribly written and sounds like how I would speak normally… which is terrible.
7.  Traveling is always an adventure with you.  Literally.  I don’t know if you are going to get sick on a fishing boat in Bali or cut your foot on some coral in the Philippines.  Hahaha. Just kidding… but not really.  What are some of your favorite memories traveling and do you see those experiences inspiring you as a designer / artist?
Every one of our trips all have little highlights that I love. The Philippines was awesome because of everything. Hawaii was awesome because of everything we saw and you said you’d marry me. Hopping in an RV with you, Evie, and Toast was a dream cause we just went wherever we wanted. I also feel like every place we go has a funny moment that I wouldn’t have with anyone else. Instant inside jokes that only you would do or get and leave everyone else in confusion. Aside from all the beautiful imagery that is the obvious influence, you catch a lot of details that I normally wouldn’t. Those images/ideas always trigger something in my head. Whether it be a direct or random connection, you and that new spot are a constant source of inspiration.
8.  I’ve talked on this blog about the many ways Evie inspires me.  Since she was born, I love seeing the interaction that you two have.  I think she is definitely a “daddy’s girl” and will end up having you wrapped around her little finger.  How are you able to balance having all the hours of work time with all the hours of being a father?  Are there things about your relationship with her that inspires your work?  
I feel like my own dad’s work ethic has influenced me positively and negatively. My dad worked his ass off so that our fam could live a comfortable life, when I would’ve been totally happy with him just being around more. The way he knew how to show affection was by providing us stuff and making sure we never had to struggle and I appreciate him so much for that. I find myself working late hours a lot in hopes of trying to provide an even bigger cushion for you and Evie but also with the hope that we could all support ourselves without necessarily having to sit still somewhere. 
I find myself sometimes wanting to illustrate something while Evie is still awake and have to stop myself from getting on a computer or stuck in a sketchbook. I try hard to just write it down and hope the idea is still good later. My relationship with her is definitely influential. I feel like I’m a little more conscious of the work I produce but I also notice that I have more fun with it. Especially if she’s into it. I try doing certain things, hoping that you guys think it’s cool haha. I’d like to do a comic based on her cause she’s such a cool and weird kid. 
9.  Are there any instances in Evie’s life where you found being a creative or artistic person helped build you as a father?  I know that when I see her so interested in her comic books, and you explain to her in more detail about each of the characters, she gives you a look like you just won a father of the year award.  Are there any instances that you can recall her directly absorbing some of your creativity just by doing something with you?
We lucked out in that she’s super into the things we happen to dig. I’m sure if she wasnt things like comics, cartoons, sci-fi, etc, we’d still love participating in anything she did. As much as we joke that our nightmare would be her doing something in the creative field, I like seeing those parts of her brains open up. Her memory always impresses me, so it’s just always cool to hear tell me stories of characters and/or making up her own. Might be a fun project to illustrate the stories she tells.
10. Is there anything you want the readers to know about you outside of your creative work or family life? How can readers find out more about you? 
My life is about my family and creative life, so this is all I got and it’s pretty awesome. People can go to or find me on instagram and twitter: @peabe
11.  Last question…. knowing me and seeing this new endeavor of mine starting to come together, are there any tips or criticism you want to share about Ever Winding Road?  Is the blog similar to the vision I sold you on so long ago?  What is the best advice you can give to a new blogger like me?
I’m not sure if I can give much advice other than just keep doing it. I dont think I necessarily had a great blog but I feel like I found my “voice” thru constant trial and error. The blog is coming along but it’s also super early. Let’s check back in at 3 months.  =)
Don’t look or compare yourself to other blogs because then you waste time trying to imitate them and people can tell when it’s not you. You have a ridiculously good eye for things, so just stick to what you like and be you. It’s starting out awesome, and I know you’ve learned a ton setting it up to this point, so just keep doing it and it can only get better and better.
Our first trip to New York together as a couple back in 2006, taken by one of our friends and shared on his old blog.
ATL 2007 041
In Atlanta in 2007 taking “dead photos” for
From his first solo art show at Rotofugi Toy Store and Gallery in Chicago, to live painting and more gallery shows across the US.
Designing his own clothing line, Finally Hip
Mid-wedding in 2014; the photo that our friend, Jon, took as he was marrying us.
First day of being a father.
Bring your kid to work day at Pandora. Yes, he put a horse head on Evie.
Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 11.17.23 PM
Illustrations on his current blog
 Featured image: Photo of us taken February 2016 in Japantown area of San Francisco. Photo credits to our daughter, Evie.  Sometimes, it’s interesting seeing the world through her eyes.

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