St. Patty’s Day Post – Featuring a Study on the Color Green

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, world!

Coming from Chicago, I have a deep appreciation for this holiday.  From the Chicago River being dyed green every year, to my grade school friends all knowing how to step dance, to me being part of the Irish club in high school, to drinking green beers down in Wrigleyville in my 20’s… I have lots of memories for the occasion.  As we speak, I have the corned beef cooking in the crock pot for later.  Mmmmm…. I can’t wait.

With all the fondness of the holiday, I can’t say that I am a fan of the color green.  My mind automatically goes to a Kelly green, which I think is such an obnoxious color.  (Sorry, if I offend those who really like the color, but it really is a terrible color for design)  Maybe it’s because of my ties to St. Patty’s Day and Chicago, but Kelly green is always what pops up in my mind first.  I’m not a fan of it  ever used in fashion or interiors.  Why not try something more sophisticated like an emerald green or more deeper like a forest green?

I have been noticing one green that’s been featured in products and homes recently, and I think this is probably my first time ever feeling like I may be falling in love with the color green.  I even brought it up with the hubby and he looked at me like, “Who are you?”.

Which green, you ask?



Seriously though, the more and more I see it, the more I am loving it.  So much so, I have made a board of products that may have you taking a second look at this color.



EWR Color Study 03.2016See? It’s growing on you now, isn’t it?

With gold/brass being such a hot color right now in accessories, and off-white walls being popular, it really makes a great statement color without being overwhelming.  It also offers an organic touch to the room with so many nature-inspired accessories.

I’ve listed these sources on the image, but here are the links to these items:


CB2’s Avec Sofa, a different take on a more traditional chesterfield sofa. I really love the brass legs on this too.

(there are also some sofas available at West Elm in a Performance Velvet Moss color, also a really pretty option)


Taylor Burke Home Peter 23″ Ottoman in brass/moss green. I love the texture on this, the softness and gradient seen in the sheen with the boldness of the brass legs.


Fiddle leaf plants are the perfect accessory, seriously.


Premium leather Mina armchair, by Anthropologie.  I want to be reading leather bound books in a mahogany filled library just looking at these chairs.


Allison green ceramic ribbed table lamp, I love the shape and the ribbing. It adds some unexpected shape and texture to any nightstand.


This image is just an example and has been found unsourced on the internet, but I know Fireclay Tile has an elongated diamond field tile available in some similar green colors like Basil with Black Patine, found here:

Dwell Ceramics also has a small diamond pattern (little diamond mix), and Heath Ceramics can glaze it with M27-Olive Green.  Found here:

or mix it up with their “Old Growth” color way:


Scenario Home’s framed Sea Weeds wall art, set of 2. Great way to add a more organic shape to your room.


Sherwin William’s Secret Garden paint color SW6181.  Dining room wall need an accent color?



See these selections and more green inspiration on my Pinterest board here:

Color study: Saturated Dark Army Green


That’s about all the green-love I can muster for now.  Erin go Braugh, everyone.  Have a safe St. Patty’s Day.




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