I’ve gotten a lot of response from the hashtag I created for my daughter, #eviebearadventures.  Both on Instagram and Facebook, people love following this girl on all her trips and activities.  I must admit, she does a lot.  I know it’s not the conventional life for a little one, but my husband and I are not really conventional types.  She really has been so great at being adaptable and flexible to all the different things we do, another testament to how awesome my daughter is.  She has inspired more activities, more traveling, and more sharing.

Because of this response, #eviebearadventures has influenced the creation of this blog.  Wanting to share in more detail and document it all for her when she is older.  Some parents write their kids emails, some take a lot of photos, and this is my own way to really share with her.  My own mother used to create photo albums with each of us, cutting out snippets of birthday cards and trying to date things as we went along.  She was scrapbooking before scrapbooking got so cool.  As you can imagine, having 5 kids made it almost impossible to continue this tradition, our albums got to be just jammed with photos that we all took with no dates or stories.

Sharing so much of your child on the internet is always a risk, and sometimes I do question myself on this decision. (we can talk about proper child online practices in another blog) I will be editing to make sure certain details are protected along the way.  However, she is no stranger to this inter web world.  Her journey started off as just an announcement that my husband and I made online:

EWR announcement


This was the interactive announcement my talented husband designed when we wanted to share the news:

Pregnancy Announcement

The whole pregnancy then was broadcasted on Twitter, so our friends and family could share the experience with us.


EWR seamonkey

Since we weren’t going to find out if it was a boy or girl, we decided on “our sea monkey” as her first online presence.


Once she was born, I even went on record to share my own birthing story.  This was something that I read on other blogs and was really helpful in understanding the different practices and options out there and made me more comfortable for my own experience.  I highly recommend sharing your story with others, especially when it is unique, because it is really helpful to other pregnant women who are preparing for giving birth.


EWR evie's story

You can read her story here:

The Birth of Evie

Like I said, she is no stranger to the internet.  This brings me to our current day hashtag, #eviebearadventures.

What are her adventures?

Well, she has a lot but they all seem to revolve around similar things:

  • outdoor play
  • traveling
  • family and friends
  • learning her Filipino ancestry and culture
  • big events, special occasions, and milestones
  • food and cooking
  • her own hobbies

There are a lot, and I plan to get into more details with them in the blog.

Preschoolers are so fascinating.  By far, my most favorite stage of her development so far, but also a really really exhausting stage for me.  Energy levels are off the chart.  That’s probably the only bad side to it.  These #eviebearadventures are just scratching the surface of all the personality that you may not see in the images alone.  Evie, like most preschoolers, have hit a very idealistic stage in life.  There’s no preconditioning or fears.  They are helpful and trusting, creative and brave, they know what they want and aren’t afraid to ask.  Preschoolers understand some pretty complex things like humor, honesty, and beauty.  I love and appreciate that most times she just wants to hang out with my husband and I.  She also can ask a zillion questions a minute, which keeps me on my toes.  No matter who you are, preschoolers accept you the way you are and have the self confidence to be completely confident in their own skin.  It’s absolutely refreshing.

I am really enjoying her growing up and having her own individuality.  I really love seeing this transformation in all of her experiences, and getting to see the world through her discoveries.  I love learning how she learns, and being able to help her make those connections with the world.  I find myself really appreciating all the little things, because she holds so much genuine gratitude towards life, and when it’s so easy to get frustrated or bored with my own day to day routines.  Like the proud mother I am, I find myself checking the hashtag every now and then, seeing all the development, and looking forward to more memories to be had with her.


EWR tribal evie

Evie with the Ifugao elders in Banaue, Philippines- December 2015. 

Featured image: Evie at 4 years old

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